Psychoanalysis in the Age of Post-Truth: Panel at the UCL

Click on the title for the recording. 
As part of this year’s research theme on ‘Lies’, the Institute of Advanced Studies at the UCL has organised  an exciting interdisciplinary panel discussion about the role of psychoanalysis in the age of post-truth.
Panellists include:
- min 6.22: Lionel Bailly (Psychoanalysis Unit, UCL);
- min 15.26: Mairead Hanrahan (SELCS, UCL) (This part of the talk is not fully recorded);
- min 17.23: David Morgan (Psychoanalyst and Organiser of The Political Mind);
- min 26.52: Mignon Nixon (History of Art, UCL);
- min 37.12: David Tuckett (Psychoanalysis Unit, UCL);
- min 48.37: Rye Holmboe (History of Art, UCL)
Chairing Tamar Garb (Institute of Advanced Studies, UCL)


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